Firme apuesta por la excelencia bilingüe

El significativo aumento del número de profesores y auxiliares de conversación nativos este curso en el Colegio Alborada es, sin lugar a dudas, una firme decisión orientada hacia la excelencia en el aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras.


Hoy día, el aprendizaje de los idiomas en los colegios es una realidad que todos persiguen con el fin de capacitar a los alumnos para expresarse de manera fluida en otro idioma. En el Proyecto Bilingüe de Alborada, desde hace varios años se trabaja con la figura del auxiliar de conversación como medio para reforzar las destrezas del “Listening” y “Speaking”. Dentro del horario lectivo, los alumnos reciben una media de entre 2-3 sesiones semanales de modo individual o en grupos reducidos, trabajando de una forma lúdica y amena actividades para fomentar y mejorar estas destrezas. En la actualidad, Alborada cuenta con nativos repartidos entre Infantil, Primaria, Secundaria y Bachillerato Excelencia. A continuación detallamos unos breves párrafos biográficos sobre los auxiliares:


David England

David, also known as Mr England is from a town called Oldham, 15 kilometres from Manchester. He´s worked at the school for quite a number of years. He is also studying to become a fully qualified teacher at the University of La Rioja. He is a devote Manchester City fan and loves watching his team whenever he gets chance. One of his passions is travelling, he has travelled to many different countries such as Australia, New Zealand, China etc.


Conor Traynor

Conor is from Dublin, Ireland and lives in Alcalá de Henares. He is currently studying a Masters in Secondary Education specialising in English and holds a Masters in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. His hobbies are reading, cycling and learning languages. He speaks German, Spanish and has a good knowledge of other languages such as Dutch and Russian. He likes Rugby and Swimming and dislikes cockroaches. He´s worked in many different countries such as Germany, Switzerland and the Ukraine.


Peter Crnkovich

Northern California, in the United States, is home to a rich tradition in art, sports, and microbrewing.  In this environment I was raised, a short drive from San Francisco, in a town called Walnut Creek.  Growing up I spent my time playing basketball with my brothers and friends, while being coached by my father.  For primary school, I attended a small Catholic school, that had been started by my parents, and after completing secondary school, I went to California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo – Cal Poly for short.  After one year I transferred away and began my studies at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio where I obtained a degree in journalism.  Upon returning home, I began teaching confirmation classes at a local parish.  Additionally, I obtained a certificate to substitute teach, which I had been doing since April of 2017.  Around that time, I was introduced to Fundación Arenales and was given a chance to become a language assistant. I seized the opportunity and made the 9000 km trip to start a new life in Spain.


Kendall Jacobs

I’m Kendall Jacobs. I’m from the United States, specifically San Diego, California. My interests include beach volleyball, hiking, surfing, biking and watching Alfred Hitchcock movies.  I’ve been to 12 different countries in the last 3 years, my favorite being Spain. I graduated from Wheaton College in Boston, and was a double major in Business and Psychology. I played collegiate volleyball for 4 years and was captain of my team for 3 seasons. I used to play soccer, basketball and run track.



Kristin is from a small town in upstate New York, USA . She holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from the University at Buffalo and has a TEFL( Teaching English As A Foreign Language) certificate in teaching English. She enjoys teaching English through music, movement, acting, and games. Her favourite food is a special dish from her country called chicken and biscuits. She loves horses and dogs. She likes singing, dancing, horseback riding, and playing basketball.

Gizem Erdogan

Hi! I’m Gigi. I have been working in Colegio Alborada as a conversational assistant since September 2016! I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. I grew up bilingual as I have completed my education in American Schools in Istanbul and also in the United States. I have a BA in Foreign Language Teaching and a minor in American Studies. I also am a ballet dancer and I teach ballet in different schools. Besides these, I have done many sports in my school years and been a member of many different sports teams. l love sailing, running, skateboarding and doing yoga. Living in Spain, working in Alborada and experiencing a new culture have been amazing so far and I am excited for another year which I believe will be even better.


Gretchen Tapanan

Gretchen is originally from the Philippines where she studied Psychology.  After finishing her studies, she worked as a Human Resource practitioner for almost 8 years.  With the desire to teach, she worked as an Online ESL Teacher to Japanese students and some Spanish students while working as a Recruiter.  At the start of 2015, she moved to Malta and worked as an International Recruiter for a Recruitment company.  She then moved to Madrid in 2016 and started working as an English Teacher to nursery, primary and secondary students.  It was her desire to become a Child Psychologist that drew her to be a teacher.  Gretchen is interested in art, she paints during her free time, loves the outdoor sunshine and is a traveller.