3 Años | Inglés

Esto es lo que hemos visto hasta ahora

  • Weather (tiempo atmosférico)
  • Feelings (sentimientos)
  • Animals (animales)
  • Colours (colores)
  • Numbers (números)
  • Jobs (profesiones)
  • Family (familia)
  • Body parts (partes del cuerpo)
  • Toys (juguetes)

Tercer Trimestre

TOYS: Teddy, car, doll, dinosaur. Bike, ball, scooter, skipping rope. Truck, jigsaw, robot.
Can I have…? I have
Here you are.
What’s your favourite?

FOOD: Bread, milk, apple, eggs.Fish, salad, sweets, biscuits, healthy.Hot, cold.I need.
What are you having?
Be careful
Tidy up.
Not too many, please

CLOTHES: Dress, shorts, t-shirt, trousers, jumper, jacket, umbrella, suitcase, swimsuit, sunglasses.
I’m wearing…
What are you taking…?
I’ve got…

UNIDAD EXTRA: HOUSE: House, roof, wall, floor, door, window. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room.
Where is…?
I don’t know.
Look in the….

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