4 Años | Inglés

Esto es lo que hemos visto hasta ahora

  • Weather (tiempo atmosférico)
  • Days of the week (días de la semana)
  • Seasons (las estaciones)
  • Feelings (sentimientos)
  • Colours (colores)
  • Numbers (números)
  • Wild animals (animales salvajes)
  • Actions (verbos de acción)
  • Family (familia)
  • Outdoor toys (juegos de exterior)

Tercer Trimestre

ANIMALS: Snake, crocodile, monkey, parrot, lion, elephant, trees, grass, river, rocks, eating, walking, sleeping, running.
I can see…
I want…
What’s it doing…?

SPACE: Astronaut, rocket, earth, sky, stars, moon, daytime, sun, night-time, seeds, soil, water, light.
Let’s go to the…
What do they need? They need…
Can you see…?

FOOD: Apples, pears, oranges, bananas, strawberries, cherries, hungry, food, thirsty, drink, milk, juice, water.
I like…
What’s she/he eating?
What’s she/he drinking?

UNIDAD EXTRA: CLOTHES: Clothes: dress, shorts, t-shirt, hat, jumper, shoes, socks, skirt, trousers, coat.
I’m wearing…
Put on,
Take off.

PHONICS: G (goat), O (on), U (up), L (lion)

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