5 Años | Inglés

Esto es lo que hemos visto hasta ahora

  • Weather (tiempo atmosférico)
  • Days of the week (días de la semana)
  • Months of the year (meses del años)
  • Sea animals (animales marinos)
  • Seasons (las estaciones)
  • Colours (colores)
  • Numbers (números)
  • Vehicles (vehículos)
  • Clothes (ropa)
  • Shapes (formas geométricas)
  • School materials (materiales de clase)
  • Body parts (partes del cuerpo)
  • Parts of the house (partes de la casa)

Tercer Trimestre

SEA ANIMALS: Turtle, fish, seahorse, shark, octopus, crab, map, island, mountain, beach, castle, road, lake.
There is a…
What are you making? I’m making…
I can see…

FOOD: Bread, cheese, butter, ham, egg, salad, chickens, honey, bees, milk, cows, breakfast, snack, lunch.
Give me some…, please.
What’s for…?
I like…

GARDEN: Pond, grass, path, leaves, flowers, bench, butterfly, caterpillar, cocoon, ladybird, ant, spider.
What have you found?

UNIDAD EXTRA: JOBS: Teacher, head teacher, nurse, cook, dinner lady, secretary, janitor.
PHONICS OO (good), OO (Shoot), Y (yes), X (x-ray), CH (chess)

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